Stop Facial Recognition on Campus


We asked prominent colleges and universities if they plan to use facial recognition. Some were happy to provide a statement confirming that their school is not using facial recognition and WON’T USE it in the future. Others MIGHT USE, since they either failed to respond to our requests, or they issued a statement implying they might use this tech in the future. Even worse, a few schools ARE USING facial recognition programs right now. Scroll down to see whether or not your campus is experimenting on you.


We all read Orwell's 1984 in high school, but some people didn't get the warning—facial recognition surveillance is spreading. If we don't speak out, soon every campus could be equipped with invasive technology that monitors everything we do, including who students hang out with, and what they do outside of class. It's time to stop facial recognition on campus before we have no liberties left!

So whether you are a student, Alumni, Professor, Parent, Administrator, Employee, or Community Member, your voice matters. So fill out the form below to tell your school that you demand a campus free from facial recognition surveillance. And if you are not affiliated with a university, you can still fight this dangerous technology by signing our main petition at


Facial recognition technology is biased, invasive, and it violates my basic rights. I urge administrators to clarify their current policies and use of facial recognition, and work together with students and staff to stop the use of facial recognition on college campuses, except for personal use (like unlocking a phone) or for ethically conducted research. I also urge my representatives to pass legislation that bans the government from using this dangerous technology to spy on the American public.

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Across the country, student groups are organizing to introduce resolutions in student government, and lobby administrators to stop facial recognition.